About Us

President's Message

The CSPA is the voice of Canada’s primary steel producing industry.

Steel is a critical part of our economy, serving the needs of Canadian and North American customers with high quality, competitive and innovative products.

Our key markets include automotive, construction, energy extraction and transmission, packaging, and other demanding manufacturing applications.

The member companies of the CSPA produced over 13.5 million metric tons of steel in 2014.  These member companies operate facilities in eight provinces.

Canada’s steel companies directly employ some 20,000 Canadians, and support an additional 100,000 indirect jobs.

The CSPA is committed to ensuring the sustainable success of a strong and internationally competitive Canadian steel sector. Through the Association, member companies seek to advance public policies to advance our competitiveness, innovation, environmental performance, skilled and productive workforce, and community responsibility. These objectives are further advanced by working to ensure free and fair steel trade as well as a globally competitive business environment.

The pursuit of these goals is at the heart of the CSPA’s efforts to develop better public policies for both the steel industry and Canada as a whole. CSPA members are committed to the future prospects for the Canadian steel industry, including the customers and communities with which we work.

And because a strong steel industry makes our country stronger, the member companies of the CSPA will continue to be leaders in serving the economic, environmental, and ultimately national interests of Canada.