Ontario’s New Cap and Trade Policy Will Require Balanced Measures and Collaborative Policy Development to Ensure Industrial Competitiveness for Steel Producers

April 14, 2015 -- Yesterday, the Province of Ontario unveiled the broad outlines of a new ‘cap and trade’ policy that will place hard ceilings on GHG emissions in Ontario.  With details of the policy yet to be developed, Ontario … Continue reading

CSPA Welcomes Northern Gateway Decision: Pipeline project promises benefits to Canadian steel sector and Canadian economy

OTTAWA, Ont. (June 17th, 2014) – The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) welcomes today’s decision by the Government of Canada to approve the proposed Northern Gateway project, subject to 209 required conditions. The Government of Canada agrees that, with the … Continue reading

Great Lakes restoration projects in Ontario will receive $200,000 in grant funding through the Sustain our Great Lakes program

Yesterday the program announced that 34 ecological restoration projects have been selected to receive $8.2 million in grant funding through the Sustain Our Great Lakes program.  With a focus on improving the quality and connectivity of tributary, wetland and coastal … Continue reading