Canadian Steel is Greener Steel

Greener supply chains with Canadian Steel. Nations and consumers around the world are looking for solutions that are less harmful for the planet. Canadian steel is amongst the greenest in the world, making it the best choice today, for a better tomorrow.

Governments and consumers want greener. Canadian steel delivers.

Canadian steel is amongst the greenest in the world.

This impressive record is the result of significant action taken by Canadian steel producers to pivot their operations and production processes to be as green as possible.

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How green is Canadian Steel?

Canada’s Blast Furnaces and Electric Arc Furnaces are amongst the best in the world, ranked 1st and 2nd for lowest emission intensity, but we aren’t satisfied and strive to do even better.

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Use steel, recycle, repeat.

One of the most recyclable materials in the world, Canadian steelmakers recycle over 8 million tonnes of steel per year, on average - making it the most versatile green material. That's something the planet could use right now.

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Greener supply chains with Canadian Steel

Supply chains worldwide are looking for greener materials to meet the demand of customers who care more for the planet than ever before. Canadian Steel is the perfect choice.


There's no contest. When it comes to delivering solutions that are better for the planet, Canadian steel is the among the best materials on the planet.