• Over 20 producing facilities throughout Canada.
  • Canadian Steel Producers Contribution to GDP: $4.2 Billion.

Canadian steel producers are innovative, high-tech advanced manufacturers and are a critical player in the Canadian manufacturing supply chain.

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing matters. Steel is the material backbone for manufacturing. If you’re going to have a modern economy, the steel industry is one you want to have in it. It’s highly engineered, highly recycled, and it’s a major employer.

Steel is Everywhere

Steel is the most commonly used material in the world. Our value chain is large and complex, stretching beyond our steel operations to our suppliers of mined raw materials and a supply chain involving thousands of businesses.

Steel Supply Chain

Whether it is for manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation and energy, Canadian producers supply light-weight, high-strength and high-quality steel and steel products demanded by today’s market.


The Confederation Bridge

The 12.9-km long Confederation Bridge connects mainland Canada with Prince Edward Island. It's the country's longest bridge and the world's longest bridge over ice-covered water. Of course, its structure is made from Canadian steel.