• 23,000 high skilled direct workforce.
  • Support 100,000 indirect jobs in our operating communities

Canadian steel producers depend on a specialized and well-educated workforce.

Steel Jobs

The Canadian steel producers directly employ 23,000 steel workers. Our workers are well-educated, highly-skilled, and trained throughout their careers to ensure the highest possible levels of productivity in high-tech, constantly evolving workplaces.

Job Creation

The steel industry also indirectly generates over 100,000 jobs in supporting industries. Steel producers provide jobs that contribute positively to communities, families, and other industries and businesses.

Skilled Tradespeople

The complexity of steel products and operations require a wide range of skills. Steel producers maintain a constant demand for skilled tradespeople and provide competitive wages, continual on-the-job training and education to ensure continuous growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

Safety first

A safe and healthy working environment for all employees is the number one priority for Canadian steel producers.