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Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) Dismayed by Trump Section 232 Tariff Announcement – Calls for Immediate Response from The Government of Canada

OTTAWA, May 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) today expressed deep disappointment in the Trump Administration’s decision to apply a Section 232 national security related 25% tariff on steel imports from Canada.

“The CSPA is calling on the Government of Canada to immediately respond to these U.S. tariffs in a meaningful and significant way, which should include but not be limited to tariffs on U.S. steel products currently imported into Canada,” said Joseph Galimberti, President of the CSPA.

“Additionally, we believe the Government of Canada should self-initiate a safeguard action, which would include the application of provisional remedies, to provide much needed defense against the surge of import volumes and low price offers of imported offshore steel being diverted to Canada as the result of 232 tariffs applied on third countries.”

“Today’s decision represents a baseless attack on the 23,000 Canadian households whose livelihoods are directly supported by employment in Canadian steel manufacturing,” said Galimberti. “Canada has a long history of fair and balanced trade in steel with the United States, to the mutual benefit of both nations. Today’s announcement by the Trump Administration does not advance the national security interests of the United States, undermines our shared North American competitiveness and neither addresses the root cause of global overcapacity, nor discourages the unfair trade in steel globally. These tariffs also risk delaying U.S. projects, significantly increasing costs to U.S. companies, and hurting U.S. employment that rely on Canadian steel.”

The CSPA appreciates the significant efforts that the Government of Canada has devoted to this issue since the initiation of the Section 232 investigations on steel and aluminum. However, considering the Trump Administration’s announcement today, significant responsive measures are now required.

About the Canadian Steel Producers Association

The Canadian Steel Producers Association is the national voice of Canada's primary steel and the pipe and tube industry, dedicated to ensuring a competitive and sustainable business environment for its members and supply chain stakeholders. Canadian steel producers are integral to Canada's economy and a vital supplier to many segments of North American industry, including the automotive, energy, construction, and transportation sectors.

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