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Canadian Steel Producers Association Supports The Government of Canada’s Responsive Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum and Other Products – Welcomes Support for Affected Businesses and Employees

OTTAWA, June 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) today voiced its strong support for the Government of Canada’s announced imposition of responsive tariffs on imports of steel, aluminum and other products from the United States. CSPA believes these actions represent an appropriate and proportional response to the Trump Administration’s baseless decision to apply a Section 232 national security related 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum imports from Canada.

“Where Canadian steel products are subject to tariffs entering the United States, it is only fair that equivalent tariffs should be imposed on U.S. steel products entering Canada,” said CSPA President Joseph Galimberti. “While our goal remains a return to the free, open and fair trade which has fostered strong supply chains in North American steel for a generation, today’s announcement is a vital step in protecting Canadian businesses and workers from undue harms being suffered as the result of the Trump Tariffs.”

Canada’s steel producers recognize that our customers already feel the impacts of these unacceptable U.S. tariffs. In the coming days and weeks, we will work closely with customers and the Government of Canada to ensure sufficient steel supply is available to support vital industrial, building and manufacturing applications.

The CSPA also welcomes the Government’s acknowledgement of the risk that diverted steel imports continue to pose to Canadian steel manufacturers. The CSPA will continue to work with the Government on appropriate responses to this challenge, including safeguards where appropriate for a wide range of steel products.

Further, the CSPA expressed its support for the Government of Canada’s assistance package for businesses and employees who have been harmed by the Trump Tariffs on steel and aluminum.

“While continuing sustainable business operations and maintaining employment in Canadian steel is still our focus, we appreciate the Government’s pledge of financial and programing support for business and workers affected by the Trump Tariffs,” said Galimberti. “There are 23,000 Canadian households whose livelihoods depend on employment in Canadian steel manufacturing, with an additional 100,000 indirectly affected. It is important that these middle class Canadian workers be supported while we all work to restore fair trade in North American steel.”

About the Canadian Steel Producers Association

The Canadian Steel Producers Association is the national voice of Canada's primary steel industry, dedicated to ensuring a competitive and sustainable business environment for its members and supply chain stakeholders. Canadian steel producers are integral to Canada's economy and a vital supplier to many segments of North American industry, including the automotive, energy, construction and transportation sectors.

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