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The CSPA Applauds Investigation into the Dumping of Foreign Steel Imports

OTTAWA, Sept 22, 2020 -- The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) welcomes the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) investigation into the injurious dumping of concrete reinforcing bar originating from 7 countries.

“The CSPA member companies believe in Canada’s fair and effective enforcement of trade remedy laws to quickly respond to dumped or subsidized imports.” said Catherine Cobden, President of the CSPA. “We remain vigilant in monitoring and vigorously defending against unfairly traded steel products entering the Canadian market. Unfair trade imports to Canada damage our members, their employees and their communities.”

The 7 countries being investigated include Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Given increased volumes of these goods entering the Canadian market, these investigations are critical to ensuring Canadian steel producers can compete on a fair basis.

This is the third investigation Canada has made into unfairly traded reinforcing bar over the last 6 years. The previous investigations resulted in the imposition of duties against 9 countries.

The CBSA announcement can be accessed at:

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